Fuck Yeah Dim Sum!
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Fuck Yeah Dim Sum!


Some photos of what we ate for dim sum at Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park before picking up our E3 badges on Sunday. Their restaurant’s name is so fitting because their dim sum is seriously ELITE. We got their early and didn’t have to wait in line. Once we finished our brunch, we heard that the wait was actually almost an hour long! Not only does all their dim sum come out fresh and hot, they also taste absolutely delicious. Oh and it’s seriously so cheap compared to dim sum around Orange County.

5th June, Tuesday (11:59am) Reblog ↬

Dim Sum!

Hello Dim Sum :)


I had some of the best Dim Sum today at Lai Wah Heen for my parents’ birthday. It was so yummy!!

3rd June, Sunday (5:33pm) Reblog ↬

Dim sum is my favourite out of like, all Chinese food :D

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Dim sum with mom 

29th May, Tuesday (7:10pm) Reblog ↬


Bao Dim Sum House
8256 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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Dim Sum :)

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Mmmm dim sum

Dim Sum - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by uncorneredmarket on Flickr.
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